Counseling Supervision

Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine offers individual and group supervision to Associate Licensed Counselors (ALC) who have completed a master’s counseling degree.


One of the most important parts of becoming a licensed professional counselor (LPC) is gaining clinical and administrative experience so that you are well prepared for the challenges that practice will present. A required component of your training, counseling supervision, provides the structure necessary to deliver your clients the best care and ensure you are adhering to ethical, legal, and professional standards as you embark on your career as an LPC.


ALCs must accrue 3000 hours of a combination of direct and indirect supervision under a licensed clinical supervisor. Counselor Supervision at Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine offers the framework you need to satisfy those requirements and complete your training in order to become a LPC. Each hour in our office will include review of your self-reports, process notes, and audio & video recordings plus advice on managing the administrative functions of counseling.


ALC’s who have completed their Masters degree and are working on taking or have taken their NCE are eligible for Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine’s program.


Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine meets the 2016 CACREP Standards, NBCC Code of Ethics, and the ACA Code of Ethics as set forth by the counseling governing organizations.