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Depression Counseling

Depression is a very serious disorder that affects millions of people in the United States each year. Depression impacts relationships, sleep quality, concentration, appetite, work functioning, and overall enjoyment and satisfaction.

Children, Adolescent & Adult Individual Counseling

People come to counseling for many different reasons. Our clients need to have a safe place to talk and be heard. We work with individuals of all ages and stages at Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine.

PTSD and Trauma Counseling

Your brush with trauma causes you to feel overly alert and reactive when you are reminded of the traumatic event. You often feel restless, have trouble sleeping, and may experience frequent nightmares.

ADHD Treatment

More and more people, both adults and children are being diagnosed with ADHD. A common issue among experts and laymen about this increase in ADHD diagnoses is that it is often misdiagnosed and over-diagnosed.

Your Licensed Mental Health Professionals


Tamekia “Honest T” Cathright, PhD, LPC, NCC

Clinical Director
(AL)(GA)(TX) Licensed Professional Counselor/National Certified Counselor/ Psychotherapist


Rebecca Cohen, EdD, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor (AL)


Mildres Arlette Mitchell, ALC

Associate Licensed Counselor (AL)


Latoya Lockhart, ALC

Associate Licensed Counselor (AL)



Board-Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (AL)

About us

Honest Counseling – Honest psychological Medicine:

Honest Counseling and Psychological Medicine offers counseling and psychological medication management for children and adults. We are a private practice in a medical setting offering telehealth and in-person care options. We have a warm and caring environment where you will receive guidance from respectful professionals whose experience and qualifications will ensure you attain the solutions you seek. If you or your child need mental health care, please call our office today.

  • Stress Disorders
  • Depression Disorders
  • Sexual Disorders
  • Impulsivity Disorders
  • Image Disorders
  • Suicidal Disorders

General Questions

According to the American Counseling Association, counseling is defined as, “ a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals “

The initial visit is for you and your counselor to get to know each other and get an idea of how to proceed. Remember to receive the full therapeutic experience it usually takes more than one session. After an initial introduction, there are business formalities. Next, your therapist usually gives you time to tell what brings you to counseling. After hearing your concerns and goals, typically the therapist conceptualizes your story and how both of you might go about addressing the matters. 

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that one in five Adult Americans experiences a mental health concern in a given year. However, most do not receive treatment. You don’t have to be labeled or diagnosed as anything to have a mental health concern and counseling can be beneficial to everyone.

The amount of time that you spend in the session is usually an hour, but it can go longer depending on your circumstances. Also, the number of sessions varies depending on your conditions and goals. Customarily, once you meet therapeutic goals, you will naturally phase out of therapy.


Do you have more questions? Patricia is here to help.


Administration Coordinator

Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine Cares About Your Well-Being

Our doctors and counselors are empathetic to your needs and allow you the space to have honest conversations about matters that impact your mental health. Ever felt like you were a hamster on a never-ending wheel? Have you ever felt stuck? Are you always blaming everyone else for the problems in your life? Have you ever felt like everyone is always criticizing you? These are just examples of common issues that people attribute to their struggle.

Here at Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine you gain the inspiration to discover unknown or repressed answers while learning healthy coping skills that work just for you. Remember you are never alone. Let’s start your journey together.

Psychological Medicine for Your Well-Being

We understand that sometimes you may need a little more than talk therapy for your mental health needs. We collaborate with board certified doctors serves adults, children, and teens. Our approach is a collaborative effort with the client, counselor, and doctor for a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan. We consider various factors that contribute to well-being including your mental and physical health along with culture and belief systems to help you reach your maximum potential.

Why Choose Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine

The status of your mental health is a factor that impacts every part of your well-being and life. We offer evidence-based interventions for improving mental wellness in office and through telemedicine options. We understand life’s challenges and different people respond to treatments in various ways. Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine believes in beginning psychological health journeys with the most non-evasive psychotherapeutic counseling options first while trying to accommodate your needs by the healthiest and most ethical means.

Research shows that psychotherapeutic counseling and psychopharmaceuticals can be helpful for people who do not respond well to either treatment method alone if individuals to stick with their treatment plan. Our practitioners are a team of board certified and licensed professionals with years of experience in treating psychological ailments along with experience in combining psychopharmaceutic and psychotherapeutic counseling treatments to give you the most comprehensive care.

We work with you and include your input in making decisions about your mental health treatment options every step of the way in your mental health journey. You are not just a number to us. Honest Counseling & Psychological Medicine spends time understanding exactly what you are experiencing and your goals to help you improve your life with specialized treatments exactly fitted to the UNIQUE you.

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